Westfield Game Breeders | Pheasant
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All birds are hatched on site, we produce all our own pheasants from our own hand selected over wintered stock in the following breeds:




All our pheasant poult’s are grass reared and hardy from being reared in exposed sites, pheasants are delivered at 7 weeks of age.


All birds are vet checked weekly by an experienced and dedicated gamebird vet.


We can supply quality breeding stock from our over wintered stock and caught stock from our shoots. Numbers available can vary year to year.


All our eggs are produced from our overwintered laying stock. All eggs are washed and graded for quality and fertility is guaranteed.

We can supply Manchurian, Black Neck, Ring Neck and Melanistics.

Day olds

We can supply day old pheasants in the following breeds, Black Neck, Manchurian, Ring Neck and Melanistic.

We can supply day olds right through the rearing season until mid July.


Pheasant poults are available from our own stock from mid June throughout the rearing season into September. Manchurian, Black Neck, Ring Neck and Melanistic are all available but for large orders we recommend ordering early to guarantee adequate number of the breed you need are made available. Birds can be free winged or lightly clipped for pens in difficult areas but our recommendation is for free winged to encourage roosting as quickly as possible.

Our birds are well grown, hardy and adapt well to being released in the wild.

Ex Layers

Our ex layers are available from early June onwards.

Our pheasant ex layers are a popular choice for lots of shoots, ours birds are strong and healthy and adapt well to release. Our recommendation is for large open top pens which birds are allowed to re-wild from over a long period. They will take wheat on delivery so no compound feed is required.

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